Title Press Brake Operator
Job Information

Job Summary
These positions are responsible for laying out, welding, and building the metal frame and component parts of the module. These tasks must be completed accurately in order to be moved to the Paint Department in a timely manner.

Essential Functions
• Ability to operate the Accupress Press Brake
• Read and interpret engineering drawings and specification.
• Use and read a tape measure accurately and perform the math calculations to layout the project being fabricated.
• Fit and weld metal components per drawing and specifications to required tolerances
• Regularly lift, carry and otherwise move and position objects weighing up to 50 lbs, and on occasion 75 lbs.
• Regularly push and pull large sheets of metal in order to place them in proper position for cutting and welding.
• Stand for long periods of time in order to complete the fabrication work.

Other Functions
• Inspect own work for completeness and acceptability to quality requirements.

Job Requirements and Qualifications
Education: Basic Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, normally acquired through a high school diploma or equivalent. Welding certification from an accredited welding program is desired.
Position Requirements: Tools and a toll box are required.
Knowledge Requirements: Knowledge of welding and fabrication principles.
Required Experience: Work in a Fabrication/Manufacturing environment

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